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The last quarter has been a busy time for us. As well as a continuing demand for quotes for both our Espec range of products and our custom built units and rooms, our order book has also been extremely active.

Over the last few months we have delivered and installed a whole range of units including a Walk-in Temperature & Humidity Chamber with a -20 /+80 temperature range and 20% – 95% humidity range, an Espec TS11A Thermal Shock chamber and a high specification benchtop temperature humidity chamber.


Today we are sitting in our office trying to solve a problem for one of our customers and we have been sketching out possible solutions. Having been in the industry for many years and having discussed with experienced colleagues what the best solution might be, I am struck by the wide range of applications & industries for our products and just how many differing problems customers have asked us to solve.

It brings it home to me that Unitemp is not interested in just selling boxes, but in providing the right solution to fit the specific customer requirements. We don’t have to compromise, we have access to Espec’s wide range of equipment and solutions and the capacity and capability of manufacturing unique custom solutions for those applications that are a little out of the ordinary.



I’m looking forward to the next few months and seeing what new exciting opportunities and interesting applications come across my desk…

Ron Brown.