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April 2018

One certainty in the uncertain future of energy management is that batteries will play an integral part. Evaluation tests of solar batteries exposed to demanding environments and all devices for power generation, storage and control is one requirement for the wide spread adoption of these new chemistries.

AR series environmental stress chambersThe rise of eco-friendly vehicles such as hybrids and electric vehicles is also seeing growing demand for environmental tests and safety tests of devices such as secondary batteries to ensure the high safety and stable performance required. Unitemp and Espec are currently playing a critical role in supporting a number of Universities and research establishments who are looking at establishing new battery chemistries and manufacturing techniques.

While controlling the humidity and temperature of the testing procedures is important, there is no guarantee how new chemistries or formats might behave, and batteries have the potential to fail should the conditions not be right, or the chemistry ill matched. The standards that govern such testing are formed by European Council for Automotive R&D (EUCAR), and the second most stringent level is EUCAR 6 which means it will tolerate fire, gas venting and what is termed ‘energetic release of materials’.

ESPEC are leading the way in providing a range of battery test chambers. Their chambers are built to EUCAR level 6 requirements as an integral part of the product specification, plus they boast a market leading energy efficiency  and amount of available test space for the given footprint.

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