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Espec have developed a special, user-friendly, sliding door which is available as a customisation on their bench-top environmental test chambers.

The sliding door allows easy access to the chamber. A sliding tray is integrated with the door which makes it exceptionally easy to set up with measuring equipment and test samples. The interface of the measuring instrument is located on the door, facilitating access to the tank and wiring. It means a shorter wiring length and contributes to improved measurement accuracy and signal transmission speed.


Test chamber sliding door


The new feature is ideal for use across a wide range of applications including temperature evaluation of 5G and IoT related devices such as optical devices, mounting boards and capacitors.


Test chamber sliding door


ESPEC Bench-Top chambers deliver environmental testing performance in compact units. Available in 20L and 60L capacities, the range of modes offers a temperature range from −20, to +180℃, with a humidity range running from 30 to 95% rh.