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carunitempCar and vehicle manufacturers must carry out an incredible amount of climatic testing to ensure that the vehicles they market can handle all sorts of climatic conditions, be that torrents of rain, temperatures well below freezing or the thermometer soaring sky high like the 50°C temperatures that many parts of the Middle East frequently experience.

In all these conditions vehicles must continue to run reliably, start up when required, have sensors that still sense what they should, and have parts that do not crack or warp rendering the vehicle unsafe.

Of course, manufacturers could ship cars off to the coldest parts of the Artic, followed by a stint in the Sahara with a final period in India during the Monsoon but this is not the most practical of approaches nor the easiest of conditions in which to monitor the results of the testing!

Espec custom built drive-in chambers from Unitemp offer combined environmental testing to simulate a huge variety of road conditions and climates. Testing can include checking warmup, dynamics and engine performance and durability. An automatic inspection machine checks the car sensors, automatically moving around the car to inspect the defection range of sensors which varies depending on temperature and humidity.

It automatically tests the detection range of the parking sensors and puts the car through inhospitable environment tests such as prolonged periods at -40˚ or 60˚ at 95% RH.

Built in infrared systems create radiant surface heating of vehicles to check for any resulting corrosion, deformation and quality problems. These systems can be adjusted vertically and angled to ensure even coverage.

All of this is totally automatic, operator-free.

The Easy-to-use SCP-220 programmer  makes running an ESPEC environmental test chamber a breeze. The full-color, touch-screen interface is remarkably easy to use and understand.

And the result of all this testing is that the end user receives a car that starts every time, keeps them safe and lasts for a decent amount of time.

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