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As batteries become increasingly high capacity for the full-scale use of EVs, more and more safety features and chamber strength are required for the associated charge/discharge tests. During the tests, there is a possibility of gas leakage from the battery, ignition, smoking, or destruction.

The Espec BTC series temperature chamber is specially designed for the safe and reliable testing of rechargeable battery charge and discharge applications. It features a number of new characteristics designed with ease of use and safety in mind.

Equipped with various safety functions as standard. Protecting customers and surrounding equipment.

We designed and set the chamber strength and safety functions through explosion experiments using actual batteries.
The pressure relief vent adopts a large size of 300 x 700 mm, which can quickly release the pressure inside the chamber in the event of an explosion and reduce damage to the chamber. This is our first chamber to use a toggle clamp latch to securely lock the door with ease and no compromise in safety.

BTC series Vent and door safety features
SBT BTC series

Long-term continuous operation possible with frost-free function.

Charge/discharge tests are generally performed in a temperature environment of 0°C to +40°C. Equipped with a frost-free function that enables long-term continuous operation of +10°C or higher, frost on the refrigerator is prevented and continuous operation is possible without interrupting the test.

  • Reinforced test floor (300Kg)
  • Emergency stop switch with guard
  • 3-colour status indicator tower light
  • External input/output terminal
  • Sheathed heater
  • Ethernet port (LAN)

Selection of air flow direction minimizes temperature difference between batteries.

Select the airflow from “horizontal” or “vertical,” depending on the shape and quantity of the cells and how you position them in the chamber. Rechargeable battery performance and characteristics are susceptible to temperature. Therefore, you want all cells under test to be exposed to the airflow as evenly as possible to keep the temperature difference among cells to a minimum. The airflow orientation selection makes this possible.

BTC series Airflow

Multiple layout options

Efficient wiring to the battery cells increases the safety of the experimental area and saves space. The BTC chamber is equipped with mulitple square cable ports on both sides and a round cable port on the back, allowing the customer to create the optimal layout.

The floor load capacity in the chamber is 300 kg, which is strong enough to install a jig for battery installation and a large number of batteries.

BTC series


  • Electromagnetic door lock
  • Air supply/exhaust damper (with or without exhaust fan)
  • CO2 fire extinguisher
  • Gas detectors (H2, CO, Hydrogen sulfide)
  • Smoke detector
  • Door chain
  • Thermal detector
  • Specimen thermal detector
  • Flameproof rubber
  • Viewing window
  • Power supply(400 V, 380 V, 220 V)
  • Water-cooled refrigeration circuit
  • Heavy-load shelf and shelf bracket (Load capacity 50 kg)
  • Heavy-load shelf and shelf bracket (Load capacity 100 kg)
  • RS-485/RS-232C communication function


Two models with different internal volumes

  • Capacity: 560 L / 1120 L
  • Internal dimensions: W800 × H1000 × D700 mm / W1600 × H1000 × D700 mm
  • External dimensions: W1250 × H2195 × D1406 mm / W2050 × H2195 × D1406 mm
BTC series brochure - battery testing

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