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Platinous J and SH-SU test chambers

Unitemp is currently seeing an increasing demand for its industry-leading range of ESPEC environmental test cabinets. This rise is following last quarter’s impressive orders, spanning the complete ESPEC portfolio.

The highly popular SH/SU ESPEC Bench-Top test chambers, known for their exceptional performance, have been particularly in demand. With a 60L capacity and a versatile temperature range from -20°C to +180°C, these temperature and humidity chambers are also available with an optional humidity range of 30 to 95% rh, catering to a variety of environmental testing needs.

Additionally, we are experiencing a substantial rise in orders for the adaptable Platinous J test chamber in various configurations. Both the standard temperature variant and the PU-4J low-temperature cabinet, which boasts a range of -40°C to +150°C, are in high demand. Notably, there has been an increase in requests for test cabinets equipped with the EUCAR battery safety options up to level 5, underscoring our commitment to safety and innovation in secondary battery testing.

Jack Brown, Sales Director at Unitemp, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “It’s incredibly rewarding to see the growing market reputation of ESPEC’s test cabinets. Many of our new orders are from customers who have previously used other manufacturers’ units but are turning to ESPEC for their unmatched build quality, reliability, and stability under test conditions.” He added, “While all environmental test chambers can experience issues, ESPEC’s three-year manufacturing warranty ensures our customers have peace of mind, knowing their test equipment will perform flawlessly with proper maintenance.”

Unitemp remains dedicated to providing high-quality environmental test solutions, and this growing demand reinforces the trust and confidence our customers place in ESPEC’s superior test chambers.

For more information, please contact: Jack Brown Sales Director, Unitemp