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-80°C sample storage, including vaccine storage

An ultra low temperature (ULT) freezer is a refrigerator that stores contents at between −40 to −80 °C. Many laboratories need long-term cryo-preservation for biological samples like DNA and certain vaccines. To reduce the risk of damage, these types of samples and supplies need extremely low temperatures of −80°C. Labcold -80ºC Ultra Low Temperature Freezers are engineered for the safe storage of vaccines, human cells, tissues and other laboratory samples which require these ultra-low temperatures. The perfect fit for research labs. For security every model in the range is fitted with a lock. The temperature profile makes them ideal for the storage of the newly released Coronavirus vaccine.

From benchtop to slimline models, the Labcold -80ºC has been developed to offer multiple storage options.

  • Temperature Range: -50ºC to -80ºC
  • Range of sizes: 35L to 500L

Protect your samples with Labcold, energy-efficient ultra-low temperature freezers

To complement your -80ºC ULT Freezer we can provide bespoke racking to keep your samples accessible and neat along with a variety of temperature monitoring options.

  • Digital temperature display
  • High temperature alarm
  • Set point display
  • Door open alarm
  • Password protected controller
  • Mains failure alarm
  • Controller battery back up
  • Access port
  • Remote alarm contacts
  • Castors for easy manoeuvrability
  • 5 year parts and 3 year labour warranty

The upright Ultra Low Temperature freezers use the tried and trusted cascade refrigeration and have been designed to occupy minimal floor space.

An easy to use digital controller is conveniently situated on the front of the freezer. The temperature settings can be password protected and it always displays the set point for extra peace of mind.

It also features alarm battery back-up so should there be a mains power failure the freezer will alarm immediately to give you as much time as possible to deal with the emergency.

-80ºC ULT Freezer Digital Controller


-80ºC Ultra Low Temp Freezers - brochure

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