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large capacity thermal shock chambers

Rapid advances in automotive electronics technologies have lead to an increase in demand for test chambers that are capable of testing these devices. Espec TSA Series, large capacity thermal shock chambers, meet these demands offering accurate, extreme environmental simulation to support cutting edge technology.

Damper-type thermal shock chambers allow you to perform testing in one static chamber, without the risk of moving specimens because the test area does not move. You can load and handle large and heavy specimens easily because TSA chambers with a capacity of larger than 1000L have a large double door which completely opens out allowing the test area to be freely accessed with a hand lift. For example, the TSA 1100L Type is large enough to accommodate four axles for electric vehicles.

There’s no need to worry about internal damage to wiring or piping work as the chambers can eliminate any mechanical vibration.

The large capacity models are ideal for testing several large assemblies and completed products such as E-axles, lithium-ion battery modules and EV powertrains simultaneously.

With over ten different models in the TSA series Thermal Shock Chambers, and test area sizes from 40L to 12,000L, you can choose the test capacity and performance best suited for your test applications.  Tailor made designs and custom specifications are also available.