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low GWP RefrigerantEspec are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of their products through energy conservation, responsible handling of potentially hazardous substances and adherence to regulations.

As a global leader in environmental test systems, they are taking strong measures to cut out F-gases (fluorinated greenhouse gases) and are instead using very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant R-449A in their main test chambers.

GWP or Global Warming Potential, is a measure of how potentially destructive a climate pollutant is and the need to reduce GWP levels is a challenge for the entire HVAC-R industry (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration).

This switch to R-449A minimizes Espec chambers potential environmental impact and is also in compliance with the EU Regulation No 517/2014 known as F-Gas regulation, and the Kigali Amendment on global phase-down of the consumption and production of HFCs which is under the Montreal Protocol on substances that can delete the ozone layer.

R-404A has been replaced by R-449A in all new models launched since September 2018 but for existing customers with older chambers, ESPEC can retrofit your existing chambers with suitable alternative low GWP refrigerant.

ESPEC CORP has joined NEDO to access additional high-level resources to support the development efforts. NEDO, (The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) is a national research and development agency in Japan. The work with NEDO in which ESPEC CORP plays a central role, includes development of a next generation, low GWP refrigerant; advanced refrigeration system technology; and an evaluation method to verify and document system performance and energy savings.

Through this research partnership, ESPEC will deliver an environmentally preferable solution that meets both operational and regulatory requirements. Globally, consumers will benefit from this new technology, which will meet or exceed low GWP requirements, provide superior performance, and deliver high reliability.