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AR series environmental chambers for battery testingAs we move into August business at Unitemp continues at a pace…

The last couple of months have seen a spree of orders for both Unitemp’s custom built rooms & chambers as well as our range of high quality Espec chambers.

Notable successes have seen NPL purchase an ARL-0680 Temperature & Humidity Chamber capable of -45 to 180˚C and 10 to 98%rh with a capacity of 680L.  Manchester University has ordered an SH22 bench top test chamber which has the performance of a much larger chamber including a temperature range that extends up to 180 °C and a humidity range running from 30 to 95% rh.

Over the last 10 years, we have seen an incredible surge in the demand for advanced battery technologies. The electric vehicles (EV) market is leading the charge and has been the most significant driver of the demand for battery test equipment. As you might expect, battery testing remains at the forefront of Unitemp’s current success. Lancaster University has recently invested in a Platinous PU-2J Low Temperature Chamber which is built to level 6 EUCAR level 6 safety standards. The mission of researchers at the university’s state-of-the-art facilities is to fabricate a new generation of batteries which will outperform the existing ones to deliver higher energy density, cheaper, safer and longer-lasting.

Most exciting of all the news for us here at Unitemp is that we are in the process of finalising the details on our biggest order in 25 years. It is just around the corner but the full news will have to wait until our next update.

Although Espec’s high-quality product range forms the mainstay of Unitemp’s sales, our many years of expertise enable us to deliver custom built units and rooms for an array of non-standard applications. This custom-built part of the business has also seen some noteworthy recent successes. At RPL we are currently installing a “Hot Room” capable of maintaining +80˚C and a Fast Rate Liquid Cooled Low temperature chamber, has been ordered by Ultra Electronics.

With an ever-increasing order book Unitemp has been implementing an expanded support structure to build on and improve our esteemed customer service provision. Kasey Morris has recently joined as a Product Support Engineer and will be providing help and advice over the phone alongside managing service calls, on-site calibration and installations for our growing customer base. And the team will soon be further boosted by a new refrigeration engineer, providing an additional resource for on-site customer support.

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a great year and we look forward to a constant stream of new business opportunities as we move into the second half.