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Aircraft environmental testing

Environmental testing in the aviation industry is critical in the development & production of electronic & mechanical aircraft systems as well as all components and hardware for use on aircraft.
Environmental testing involves subjecting components, hardware and systems to environmental extremes to fully test the items before being used in service. It is imperative to check that the aircraft navigation, communications and other critical systems can withstand the range of environmental conditions they may be subject to during a flight.

They need to a undergo a wide range of environmental simulation tests for extreme temperature fluctuations, thermal shock, high levels of vibration, flammability, vacuum, high humidity range, corrosion and other shock hazards. Environmental test chambers are therefore essential for evaluating potential success or failure of a product in the field.

Espec offers a full line-up of of chambers for carrying out tests that conform to MIL-STD-781, MIL-STD-810, ASTM standards and so on.

From new battery chemistries to accelerated life testing

Disruption is the key driver in aviation. Extreme economic and environmental pressures have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, which has called into question the need for so much air travel. As a result of these factors the aviation industry is looking to future methods of propulsion that balance the needs of a mobile and inquisitive population while using a sustainable technological platform, and the platform showing most promise is electric. It is an evolutionary path that will take some time. Many tangents involving alternative fuels and hybrid solutions will have to be explored.

Going electric presents opportunities for smaller aircraft, a more agile fleet and a more customisable offering. However, developing electrified solutions places huge demands on battery technology as well as taking demands for reliability and efficiency to new levels.

The need for technology and manufacturing advancements, therefore, is significant. Batteries will need to be light weight, high gravimetric energy density and safe. Finding a safe and effective means of testing these new battery chemistries and architectures is a vitally important part of the development process and Unitemp and Espec are able to supply both the equipment and chambers to enable this process.

The avionics industry was an early adopter of HAST (highly accelerated stress test) and such procedures require environmental test chambers as dependable as the products they need to test. Espec’s environmental test chambers offer this test fidelity, reliable performance and, thanks to a user-friendly control system, a productive work space.

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