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From packaging through to drug production & storage

Few industries have such demanding process controls as the pharmaceutical and medical markets.  Right from the development of new drugs and then through the manufacture, packaging and storage; at all stages along this journey the environment can be critical and requires contained and controlled workspaces.

Heat, humidity and cleanliness all play a critical role in the pharmaceutical process. It is no surprise that this is an industry that often deploys Espec’s ovens, dryers, sterilisers & dehumidifying equipment, on top of the numerous varieties of test chambers used in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. Espec ovens are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. The ovens can be deployed in short cycle times which allow users more production per shift, more efficient operations and lower operating costs.

Speciality walk in rooms, with precise and stable temperature and humidity control, are a further example of the solutions that Unitemp can provide for the pharmaceutical sector. These modular rooms can be custom built to suit the application, guaranteeing the safety and quality of the products being tested or processed.

In particular the ‘Stability Walk-in Rooms’ are an ESPEC specialty, designed for light-duty testing or long-term steady-state evaluation of pharmaceuticals and other products. The high quality of construction is key to the performance of these chambers, which use urethane-foam panels in a stainless steel or galvanized interior skin.

For pharmaceutical, scientific and medical refrigeration we are able to offer the full range of Labcold products. This expansive range of fridges, freezers and blood banks has been designed and developed to meet the demands of scientific and medical professionals. Labcold vaccine refrigerators comply with recommendations by Public Health England in Protocol for Ordering, Storing and Handling Vaccines.

Labcold frefrigerators and freezers are suitable for laboratories, busy hospital wards, doctors and vets surgeries, pharmacy shops and schools, in fact anywhere where precisely controlled low temperature storage of medicines is important. They come in a range of sizes from wall mounted/bench top units to free standing units and most have the choice of solid or glass doors.

Products for The Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries

Benchtop SH-SU Chambers

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Fridges and freezers for pharmacies

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Blood banks and blood storage fridges

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