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AR Series Rapid Rate Temperature Change test chambersRapid Temperature Change Testing, using Environmental Test Chambers, involves subjecting products to swift and extreme temperature fluctuations, providing a simulation of real-world harsh environments to gauge the performance of products and materials.

Practical Applications Across Industries

Used in industries ranging from electronics and automotive to aerospace, Rapid Rate Temperature Change Testing helps to identify vulnerabilities that could compromise product safety and prevent potential hazards.

  1. Electronics Sector: The testing evaluates how well electronic devices and components endure high heat, identifying potential failures arising from thermal expansion or contraction.
  2. Automotive Industry: For automobiles, the testing ensures the reliability of engine parts, sensors, and electrical systems under a variety of temperatures encountered in real-world scenarios.
  3. Aerospace and Military Sectors: The testing assesses the robustness of mission-critical systems such as avionics, navigation, and communication gear against temperature changes during aircraft operations.
  4. Telecommunications Sector: The testing gauges the efficacy of network hardware and communication devices, ensuring functionality in various temperatures and making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Benefits of Rapid Rate Temperature Change Testing

The advantages of Rapid Rate Temperature Change Testing are far-reaching:

  1. Improved Product Reliability: The testing helps manufacturers pinpoint thermal stress failure locations, material limits, and design flaws, enhancing product dependability and lifespan.
  2. Accelerated Product Development Cycles: Swift assessment of product performance through temperature change testing allows manufacturers to replicate years of product use in a condensed timeframe. This expedites new product launches and facilitates the swift implementation of design revisions.
  3. Enhanced Safety: Exposing products to rapid temperature changes helps identify thermal stress dangers, improving product safety without compromising integrity. The comprehensive safety evaluation ensures that products can withstand real-world shocks and cycles during shipping, storage, or usage.
  4. Cost Savings: Early detection of design defects and material constraints reduces the risk of costly recalls and warranty claims. Manufacturers can achieve significant cost savings by identifying and rectifying potential issues early in the development process.

ESPEC Rapid Rate Change Test Chamber

The ESPEC Rapid Rate Change test chamber, the AR Series, supports heat load and provides faster temperature cycling performance with a wide temperature and humidity control range. Customers can select the optimal model for their needs based on performance and test area capacity.

AR series Fast Rate Temperature Change test chamber video

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Espec’s AR chambers, available from Unitemp, offer remarkable temperature change rates, aligning with global standards. Achieving a temperature change rate of 15K/min, the chambers comply with TEC 60068-2-I4Nb/2-30/2-38 and meet IEC and automotive testing standards.  For those seeking even faster temperature cycling, options with change rates of 20K/min and 25K/min are available, meeting the demands of extreme environmental conditions. Since rapid change temperature testing achieves highly repeatable test results, it is used for compliance testing for standards such as JEDEC (JESD 22-A104F).

Temperature & Humidity Range:

Versatility is key, and the AR Series delivers a broad range from a minimum temperature of -70°C to a maximum temperature of +180°C. Humidity control (ARSF/ARS only) from 10 to 98%rh ensures comprehensive testing capabilities. The chambers even accommodate testing at a high temperature range of up to +200°C. Designed for the real-world, Espec’s AR series can test large heat loads at temperature cycling tests and 85°C/85%rh tests.


Operational stability is paramount and the chambers ensure a frost-free operation, even with a wide humidity control range. This eliminates the need for constant removal of frosting, providing a seamless and continuous testing experience. An Energy-Saving Dual PID Controller controls the refrigerator at 0°C or lower, ensuring optimal performance with minimal energy consumption.

The AR Series features cable ports for convenient access to the chamber from both sides and a viewing window, complete with an eco-friendly LED light and a heated feature to prevent moisture and ice build-up, offers a clear view into the test area.

Testing is made simple with a fast and intuitive user interface. The 7″ color LCD ensures easy readability, and a multilingual screen caters to language preferences. Remote monitoring capabilities is possible via any PC on the network.

With advanced features, global compliance, and a user-friendly interface, the AR series Rapid Rate Change test chamber provides a reliable solution for product development processes across diverse industries.

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