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Brochures & Datasheets


Here you can find all the brochures and datasheets from Unitemp and Espec

Secondary Battery Types
& Recommended Test Chambers ​

battery types - test chambers

Benchtop Temperature & Humidity Testers
SH / SU Series

SH-SU brochure

Constant Climate Test Chambers

Constant climate brochure

Compact Temperature Cycling Chambers
Criterion Series

Criterion Series brochure

Temperature & Humidity Test Chambers
Platinous J Series

Platinous J Series brochure

Environmental Stress Chambers
AR Series Standard Type

AR series Standard Type chambers Brochure

Environmental Stress Chambers
AR Series Rapid Rate

AR series Rapid Rate Temperature Cycling Brochure

Temperature Cycling Chambers
Global-N Series 

Global-N series brochure

Large Volume Temp & Humidity Test Chambers
Platinum Series

large volume test chambers

Compact Ultra Low Temperature Chambers
MC Series

MC series brochure

Large Temperature & Humidity Testers
FM Series

FM Series brochure

Thermal Shock Test Chambers
TSD – TSE Series

Thermal Shock - TSD-TSE series

Thermal Shock Test Chambers
Liquid to Liquid TSB Series

TSD_TSE Brochure

Thermal Shock Test Chambers
Air to Air TSA Series

Thermal Shock - TSA series

Custom Thermal Shock
‘Large’ Air to Air TSA Series

Custom large air to air thermal shock chambers

2/3 Zone Thermal Shock Chambers
TSA Series

TSA Series brochure

Highly Accelerated Stress Test
HAST Chambers

HAST_Chamber Brochure

Environmental Test Chambers for Solar Panel Testing

Solar panel testing brochure

Stability Test Chambers
CSH/CWH Series

Stability walk-in chamber

Walk In Temperature & Humidity Chamber.
E Series

Walk-In Temp-Humidity chamber brochure
Temperature Chambers / Industrial Ovens
Industrial Ovens brochure
Chamber Management Tools
HAST_Chamber Brochure

Composite Temperature/Humidity Cyclic Test

Composite temperature humidity cyclic test