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Chamber Retrofit Services


Retrofitting new upgrades or add-ons 

Retrofitting your system to use alternative refrigerants on offer can garner both environmental and performance benefits.
It is becoming increasingly common to retrofit existing chamber refrigeration units so that they are able to operate using a different refrigerant gas than originally intended, without having the full capital expense of installing a new system.

​Retrofitting a system to use a different gas is carried out for a number of reasons:

  • The lack of availability of the original gas, most commonly due to environmental legislation (e.g. HCFC phase out)
  • Corporate responsibility: a policy decision to use refrigerants that provide greater benefit to the environment.
  • The availability of new refrigerants providing performance benefits, such as lower power consumption.

Unitemp can offer a wide range of technical support, including retrofit gas options and retrofit checklists, as well as providing a range of retrofit gas.

Unitemp support and calibration services

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