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Serious Equipment for Serious Stress Screening

Environmental stress screening (ESS) is also known as Burn-in, AST (Accelerated Stress Testing), HALT (Highly Accelerated Stress Test), or HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening). Whatever the name, the idea is the same: create a test program that allows you to eliminate the infant mortality of your product.


The ESS5/11 Series provides the unique capability of stress screening products in a small, lab-type chamber. Pre-qualification for ESS, troubleshooting, and small scale ESS programs would all benefit from high air flow, high change rate testing in this compact design. This series can accommodate up to six product drawers from our standard ESS systems. Other features include non-CFC/HCFC design, and wide variety of control systems, refrigeration system sizes, and product fixturing options.

ESS22/35 Series

The ESS22/35 Series offers high volume horizontal airflow for rack systems. The chambers can be adapted to many product configurations and provide manual, automatic robotic interface. A variety of methods are available for product power and test interface including auto insertion. Provides fast product change rate with while maintaing uniform stress.

ESS85 Series

Our ESS85 Series chambers have set the industry standard for performance, throughput and flexibility. The fixtured cart allows a variety of products to be tested, multiple carts for faster loading/unloading and inexpensive changeover to new products. The high-volume, horizontal airflow provides maximum product change rates. The standard dry air purge safeguards against condensation during rapid temperature changes.


ESPEC can also provide Agree chambers for HALT/HASS testing, which involves fast temperature cycling and vibration. Refrigeration is used for cooling instead of the more traditional liquid nitrogen, saving installation and long-term operating costs.


  • Wide variety of refrigeration available for performance and range flexibility.
  • Programmable control for product or air-change available.
  • Automatic insertion/coupling for product power possible.
  • LN2 cooling for even faster change rates.

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