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Milton Keynes automotive client test chamber delivery

We are pleased to announce the successful delivery of an Espec ARS-0680 temperature and humidity chamber to a leading automotive technology company based in Milton Keynes. The state-of-the-art environmental testing chamber will play a crucial role in the development of innovative technologies aimed at transforming the driving experience.

Milton Keynes automotive client chamber ARS ChamberThe Espec ARS-0680 test chamber, known for its fast rate temperature and humidity control, boasts an impressive temperature range of -70°C to +180°C and a humidity range from 10% to 98% RH  This advanced equipment will enable rigorous testing under a wide variety of environmental conditions, ensuring the reliability and performance of the company’s new technologies.

Unitemp Ltd, renowned for its customer support, ensured the test chamber arrived safely and in perfect condition. The company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction was demonstrated throughout the entire delivery process.

“We are thrilled to support our customer’s efforts in the automotive sector with the delivery of the Espec ARS-0680 environmental testing chamber,” said Jack Brown from Unitemp Ltd. “This chamber is an exceptional tool that will undoubtedly aid in their mission to enhance the driving experience through cutting-edge technology.”

This delivery marks another successful collaboration between Unitemp Ltd and the automotive industry, showcasing Unitemp’s role as a trusted partner in providing high-quality environmental testing solutions.

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