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Wide temperature range from -70ºC to +180ºC

The Criterion temperature/humidity chamber series provides an economical and space-saving solution for a variety of testing requirements.

42L compact design

The criterion models 42L interior is 85mm wider than traditional Bench-Tops, yet the exterior is 20% narrower. The vertical configuration saves bench space, plus the refrigeration system ventilation allows installation against a wall for even more space savings.

Faster change rate (heat/cool) up to 5°C/min.

The Criterion series can cycle temperatures at a rate of up to 5°C/min. without requiring liquid nitrogen. Significant test time can be saved, as well as creating added thermal stress on your samples. To demonstrate performance, ESPEC uses the international standard IEC 60068 3-5 measured at the supply air. Temperature cycles are run from hot to cold extremes, and the middle 80% of the transition is timed to determine performance. Your actual cycling results will vary depending on methodology, including the start and end temperatures, and the amount of samples loaded.

  • Lowest temperature: -20, -35, or -70°C (-4, -35, or -100°F)
  • Highest temperature: 180°C (354°F)
  • Humidity range: 10 to 95% RH
  • Chamber size: 1.5 or 4 cubic feet
  • Touch-screen Watlow F4T programmer with Ethernet access

The extended temperature ranges of the Criterion series make testing at extreme conditions possible without buying a larger, stand alone chamber. Two chamber sizes are available, as well.

The programmer includes a temperature alarm as just one part of ESPEC’s three-tiered over-temperature protection system. A thermal fuse and a user-set independent limit are also included. In addition, a specimen power terminal allows the user to safely operate powered equipment inside or with the chamber.

  • Six models, two sizes: 1.5 and 4 cubic foot.
  • Wide temperature range: up to -70 to 180°C.
  • New model with 5°C/min. change rate.
  • Interior is 3.5” wider than competitors.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Your most economical choice.

Controlling humidity in a small environmental chamber can be especially challenging. ESPEC expertise in humidity control brings intelligent design that is carefully integrated into the Criterion chambers. The humidity subsystems are designed for reliability, convenience, and performance:

  • The steam generator allows expanded humidity range and is easy to maintain.
  • A separate de-humidification coil improves low humidity control and range.
  • Wet-bulb humidity sensor is a “primary measurement method” for accuracy. It is also economical, easy to maintain, and reliable because it has no risk of failure due to over-saturation. 
  • Direct water supply connection is standard, with options for water filtering and recirculating water tank.

VideoCriterion Benchtops for Temperature Testing

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