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At the heart of every product is the electronics that monitors, controls and communicates. In many applications, including those that are safety critical, it is the electronics that determines how functional and reliable the overall product is. Equally, the speed of development and necessity to get products rapidly introduced into the marketplace has never been greater. Manufacturers therefore cannot wait while test procedures create bottlenecks in development and production processes.

Techniques to speed testing while still maintaining integrity are available, but require high quality, dedicated equipment, such as Unitemp’s range of environmental test chambers. Accelerated testing regimes (such as HALT and HASS) require environmental chambers where humidity and temperature can be tightly controlled and cycled to quantifiably stress the object under test. For example, Espec’s HAST test chamber, part of Unitemp’s portfolio, splits each thermal profile into 30 steps to ensure accuracy and repeatability.

Other factors can also affect the integrity of electronic components and assemblies and testing for these require specialist chambers. Thermal shock requires a very specific thermal profile while vibration chambers are an important tool in qualifying printed circuit board assembly, particularly if the end application is in a hostile environment such as automotive.

Unitemp’s innovative range of cabinets can accommodate simulated tests for any given temperature, climate, corrosion, dust or combined shock conditions. Additionally the electronics industry requires careful parts management and Unitemp has further options for heating, drying and storage.

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