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M-Instrumentation features programs with up to 20 steps

Suitable for a range of applications from temperature characteristics testing to heat treatment and drying. Heating up to +700°C for ceramics baking processes, or heat resistance tests for highly functional glass and hybrid polymer materials. Programmed operation now allows storing ten patterns, each up to twenty steps. Provides a wide range of functions, including temperature ramp settings and a maximum of 999 repeat cycles.

Door equipped with a single-action lever

The door can be firmly locked by an easy-to-use single-action lever. It prevents accidents from unlocked doors.

A double seal gasket configuration

A gasket made of stainless steel fiber and a leaf spring is used to form a double seal between the door and the chamber. Prevents heat radiation on the door.

Saving-energy insulated structure

Ceramic fiber and aluminum foil are used as insulation materials. It increases effective insulation and prevents heat loss, thus saving energy.

VideoTesting for innovative storage solutions

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