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Class 5 cleanliness level

Thanks to HEPA filters, and a horizontal laminar circulation system, baking, heat treatment or drying of components requiring clean air conditions can be conducted in our High Performance Clean Oven.
The PVHC model provides stable performance even during heat up or pull down at high temperatures of +150°C or more.

Total safety design

The temperature controller automatically prevents the temperature rising by +10°C above the set temperature, and included a warning function for user-defined upper and lower temperature limits. The chamber also features an independent device for preventing abnormal temperature increases. If a malfunction occurs, an alarm number will be displayed on the instrumentation panel and a warning buzzer will sound.

M-Instrumentation features programs with up to 20 steps

Suitable for a range of applications from temperature characteristics testing to heat treatment and drying. Programmed operation now allows storing ten patterns, each up to twenty steps. Provides a wide range of functions, including temperature range settings and a maximum of 999 repeat cycles.

VideoTesting for innovative storage solutions

Support when you need it

from expert people

Our after sales service and ability to support existing installations, from planned maintenance schedules and emergency repairs to full on-site refurbishment mean our customers equipment retains optimal performance and up time.