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Specialist Walk-In Rooms


Walk-In Environmental Test Chambers for Large Products or Large Volume Testing

Unitemp designs and builds Walk-In Environmental test Chambers for large products or large volume testing. Created from modular panels each walk-in chamber is individually built to suit the specific customers’ requirements.

Unitemp walk in chambers allow you to simulate different climates and environments with ease and precision, to understand the impact on the safety or quality of your products. A walk-in climatic chamber provides a large temperature and humidity-controlled environment to test large components, assemblies and finished products. The chambers have superior temperature and Rh stability and can be used for sample conditioning before other tests, stress testing and accelerated ageing.

Independent Advice

We are always available to offer expert advice and technical support. Unitemp’s engineers have experience working with a wide range of clients and applications and can design and develop a suitable walk in environmental chamber to meet your requirements. Add to that our exceptional after sales support, customers can be assured of excellent performance and reliability.

Key Features

  • Modular, robust construction
  • Even temperature spread – even when loaded
  • Humidity options
  • Suitable for testing to most standard specifications
  • Fully customisable
  • Choice of size
  • Touch screen programmer
  • Temperature and humidity ranges
  • Comprehensive safety features


  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • High volume testing
  • Steady-state “soak” testing
  • Temperature cycling
  • Climatic testing
  • Powered and un-powered products
  • Production testing of sub-assemblies and complete equipment

Technical Specifications

Room Description

  • Fabricated from insulated panels fully camlocked Polyurethane Insulant Foam K value 0.23 w/m2.
  • Interior fabricated from stainless steel grade 304 or galvanized steel powder coated to RAL9000.
  • Interior Working Volume (dimensions) dependent on the product under test and performance specification required.


Temperature/humidity ramp rates dependant on product under test, size, weight and power.

Temp Range: Cooling

  • Single Stage Refrigeration:     -40degC
  • Two Stage Refrigeration:        -55degC
  • Cascade Refrigeration:           -70degC

Temp Range: Heating +80˚C

  • Humidity Range: 20% to 98%RH
  • Dry Bulb Range of:+10degC to +80degC

Control Tolerance

  • Temperature: +/-0.5degC
  • Humidity: +/-3%


  • Temperature: +/-2degC
  • Humidity:         +/-5% RH

Walk In Test room for PACE INDIA. Walk-in 5 x 3 x 3 Temperature and Humidity chamber.

Pace India. Custom built with air-blast cooler to achieve required temp levels maintaining humidity levels . Used in Bangalore, India for satellite boxes.

Custom built military vehicle drive in test chamber. Thermal cycling -40 to + 125.

Walk in Test room for thermal cycling rapid rate down to -70c board testing on production line.

Walk in test chamber built to maintain stable conditions to calibrate medical equipment/ instrumentation for Perkin Elmer.

Interior of Walk in test room for Perkin Elmer.

Gas Cooled Chamber: 250 litres – 1000. Stress screening Liquid Nitrogen chambers – Fast rate cooling down to -70

Cooling chamber for lighting manufacture to control high heat loads whist undergoing life testing.

Walk in test room- Thermal cycling, rapid rate down