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The Platinous J series of environmental test chambers offers a variety of sizes, ranges, and options to meet your specific environmental testing requirements. ESPEC Platinous series includes numerous features for quality and reliable operation.

Colour LCD touch panel (N-instrumentation)

Easy-to-use colour LCD touch panel (N-instrumentation) is included as standard. It is much easier to set various patterns of Constant-, Program-, Remote-Operation to meet various testing conditions.

A sub refrigeration circuit for further energy savings PL-2/3/4, PU-2/3/4, PSL, PG, PDL, PCR

On chambers equipped with the 400W sub-refrigerator, the Smart Refrigerator & Dehumidifier System controls the operation when stable at constant ranges above 50°C/40%rh. Chambers using this double energy saving control can run with the best saving rates.

Smart Refrigerator and Dehumidifier System with PID control (Patent pending)

From the first Platinous Series sold in 1961, we have been strongly committed to response and accuracy in the control of temperature and humidity (air-conditioning system), by adopting our own unique systems. In this series, we made further improvements of our control system by focusing on energy savings more than ever. One of these enhanced features is the PID control of refrigeration capacity. The Smart Refrigerator & Dehumidifier System can control minutely both heating and cooling at minimal levels, thanks to the new N-instrumentation embedded in the chamber. PID control applies to both main and sub refrigeration circuits.

PHP model unique heat pipe cooling system for silent, low energy consumption, low cost testing

The PHP chamber features a built-in heat pipe, which does not use electrical power nor refrigerator. It dramatically reduces the energy consumption even in tests involving high heat loads.

  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Energy-efficient refrigeration with exclusive electronic expansion valve system
  • Specialized humidity generation and control
  • Unique thermal break construction for extreme testing
  • Casters, cable port, shelf, & USB port standard
  • ETL-listed electrical panel conforming to UL 508A

Ethernet Lan Option


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