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Reach-in Test Chambers 

Espec Reach In Environmental Test Chambers are engineered for ease of use & easy maintenance. With Internal volume from 120L, a variety of products can be tested depending on test profile. The range comprises of several different test chamber series for differing applications & over 100 different models.

Platinous J Series Environmental Chambers

A collection of advanced features has made the Platinous J Series the environmental test chamber of choice.

AR Series Environmental Test Chambers

Chambers with superior temperature change performance

Global-N Temperature Cycling Chambers

Rapid Temperature Cycling: 5, 10, 15 or even 20°C/min

Platinum Series Chambers

Four larger size chambers with performance options to 12°C/m.

AGREE Series Vibration-compatible Chambers

Industrial-quality chambers for combination testing with vibration systems.

FM Series Chambers

Large Temperature & Humidity Chamber

VideoTesting for innovative storage solutions

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Our after sales service and ability to support existing installations, from planned maintenance schedules and emergency repairs to full on-site refurbishment mean our customers equipment retains optimal performance and up time.