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ESPEC range of environmental test chambers from Unitemp

In a year marked by economic hardships, businesses have cautiously approached capital spending, hitting the brakes on various fronts. However, Unitemp has been able to help many customers during this time of low spend with flexible lease/rental options, offering clients use of ESPEC’s range of class leading Temperature & Humidity chambers for their environmental testing needs, without a large capital outlay.

Jack Brown, the Sales Director at Unitemp, shares insights into this proactive approach, stating, “We recognised early this year that the demand for rental environmental testing chambers was on the rise. In response, we invested in expanding our chamber inventory, ensuring we could meet the diverse requirements of our customers.” He adds, “Our current range includes everything from SH/SU benchtop chambers to large AR reach-ins, capable of conducting both Temperature and Humidity testing.”

Notably, there have been several instances where customers, impressed by the chambers’ capabilities and user-friendly design, have sought to convert their rental agreements into purchases. Jack affirms, “We are open to such transitions and are ready to negotiate favourable financial terms to accommodate our clients’ needs.”

Highlighting the continuous growth, Jack reveals, “We’ve recently acquired another benchtop Temperature and Humidity Chamber, swiftly reserved by a new customer. This indicates a sustained demand for rentals in the foreseeable future.”

For clients opting for rental solutions, Unitemp offers ESPEC environmental test chambers on a monthly basis, catering to both Temperature and Humidity testing needs. The available test sizes range from a few liters to several hundred cubic meters, positioning the ESPEC range as unrivalled in the UK market. Common sizes, ranging from 60 to 600 liters, boast temperature capabilities from -65°C to +150°C, with most climatic chambers offering a humidity range of 20%RH to 95%RH.

In tough economic times, Unitemp’s rental test chambers are not just for current testing needs—they also make it easy to transition from renting to owning, opening the door to possible long-term partnerships. As Unitemp adds more options, it looks like rental chambers are becoming a lasting and growing trend.

Please contact the sales office for current rental rates and models in stock ready for hire: email  or call +44 (0) 1628 850611. Chambers will be delivered to site and collected at the end of the hire period.