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Store at lower than normal freezing temperatures

The Labcold – 40°C Laboratory Freezers are ideal for laboratory and general use where there is a need to store at lower than normal freezing temperatures and/or there is concern that volatile, flammable materials or components might be stored now, or at some point in the future.

Labcold -40ºC Freezers come in a variety of styles and configurations to provide you with a range of low temperature storage options.

  • Temperature Range: -20 to -50°C
  • Range of sizes: 237L, 314L, 375L or 505L
-40°C Superfreezer range

Uncompromised sample protection

Each model features accurate digital temperature controls and either feature a door lock or have that as an option.
For extra peace of mind, alarms are fitted and the interior of all cabinets in this range are sparkfree.

  • Stable operating temperature
  • Lockable lid
  • Alarm
  • Digital temperature display
  • CFC and HCFC free
  • Operator controlled defrost

Chest configuration provides improved temperature uniformity and stability with much reduced temperature rise following door openings.

Or is an upright required?

The upright Advanced -40°C freezer RAVF1840, which stores contents reliably at -40ºC, has been designed to include a number of safety and security features such as a door lock and audio visual alarms. To ensure you’re in control of temperature, this freezer is also manual defrost only.
Robust steel construction, combined with sturdy shelves capable of holding up to 36kg each, means this freezer is ideal for any application requiring a large amount of accurate -40ºC storage.

Advanced -40°C  laboratory upright freezer


-40 laboratory freezers

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