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Safe storage of temperature sensitive contents like reagents and samples

The Labcold IntelliCold® range has been designed and developed from the ground up for the safe storage of temperature sensitive contents like reagents and samples. Featuring the IntelliCold® controller, which automatically records the internal temperature and other fridge functions, these refrigerators make it easy to keep on top of temperature contolled storage and keep records to comply with regulations and traceability.

  • Temperature Range+2°C to +8°C
  • Range of sizes from 36L to 440L

Backed by a comprehensive FREE 5 year parts and labour warranty, the Labcold IntelliCold® range is packed with extra features like alarm battery back up and can be further enhanced by the option of a digital lock or repeat alarm.

A professional sample/reagent refrigerator powered by the unique IntelliCold® controller for tight temperature tolerances.

  • 24/7 automatic temperature data logging which is downloadable via optional micro SD card
  • Controller and alarm battery back up
  • Door open alarm
  • Power failure alarm
  • High temperature alarm
  • Low temperature alarm
  • Minimum/maximum temperature recording and display
  • Off cycle auto defrost
  • Fan assisted cooling
  • Access port
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Ammonia free
  • Door lock with two keys
  • Self closing door
  • Real time temperature display for two temperature probes
  • Secondary (wandering) temperature probe
  • Internal light
  • Remote alarm contacts
  • Compliant with all leading professional guidelines

Safe storage of cold chain biologicals

Designed for the safe storage of cold chain biologicals, this refrigerator features an easy to operate intuitive four button controller and automatic data storage of both temperature and fridge function.
This data can be downloaded to an (optional )specially encoded micro SD card and stored on a PC or Mac. Reliable and robust, this refrigerator is engineered to meet the demands of a busy laboratory and is backed by the Labcold FREE 5 year parts and labour warranty.
There is a digital lock version, which helps improve security and removes the problem of generic and lost keys.

Intellicold Micro SD card


Intellicold sample and reagent fridges

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