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Labcold Sparkfree Freezers – Engineered for laboratory safety.

Labcold Sparkfree freezers are engineered to store flammable materials safely with all sources of ignition, such as the thermostat removed from the inside of the cabinet.
All Labcold Sparkfree freezers provide very stable storage conditions and slow temperature rise if power is interrupted.
They are rated for low energy consumption.

Designed specifically for laboratories, Labcold produce a wide range of both upright and chest freezers all of which come with a lock for extra security.

  • Temperature Range -18°C to -25°C
  • Range of sizes from 66l to 607L

Spark free, Static or Spark safe Freezers

  • Sparkfree safety interior
  • Very stable storage conditions
  • Operator controlled defrost
  • Low energy consumption
  • Lockable
  • Over temperature visual alarm
  • Mains indicator light


Spark Free Freezers

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