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Unitemp gains ISO-14001 accreditation

Unitemp, leading UK supplier of ESPEC environmental and climatic test chambers, has successfully attained the ISO 14001 certification. This prestigious accreditation highlights our strong commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible business practices. We’re delighted to share this fantastic news!

Unitemp ISO-14001 certificateISO 14001 is an internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems, awarded to organisations that demonstrate effective frameworks for identifying, managing, and reducing their environmental impact. With this achievement, Unitemp proudly showcases its dedication to sustainable practices and eco-friendly initiatives across our entire range of environmental test products and services.

Jack Brown, our Sales Director, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “The ISO 14001 accreditation is a significant milestone for us! It’s a reflection of our ongoing efforts to integrate sustainability into our business operations. At Unitemp, we believe in our responsibility towards the environment and future generations. This accreditation serves as evidence of our continuous commitment to minimise our ecological footprint and drive positive change in the industry.”

The ISO 14001 certification process involves a thorough evaluation of our environmental management system, ensuring our commitment to pollution prevention, resource efficiency, and compliance with environmental regulations. By meeting these rigorous criteria, Unitemp demonstrates its dedication to upholding the highest environmental standards while delivering cutting-edge environmental test solutions to our valued customers.

Being an ISO 14001 accredited company also positions Unitemp as a preferred partner for environmentally conscious businesses and clients who prioritise sustainability in their supply chains. This achievement not only reflects our commitment to environmental excellence but also strengthens our reputation as a socially responsible and forward-thinking organisation.

At Unitemp, we’re proud of this milestone and the impact it signifies. Our journey towards a greener future continues, and we look forward to exploring new ways to enhance environmental excellence.

Cheers to progress and a more sustainable world!