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ESPEC SH-642 environmental test chamber modifications

In a display of collaboration, Unitemp, the exclusive UK distributor for ESPEC environmental test chambers, has successfully completed  a project involving the customisation of ESPEC’s SH-642 chambers. In order to ensure the quickest delivery to the client, instead of importing these chambers from Japan, Unitemp was able to utilise ESPEC’s strong European distributor network and sourced both SH-642 chambers from the ESPEC German distributor, ThermoTEC.

The environmental test chambers were modified to incorporate features such as an Emergency Stop, RS-232C interface, and pressure relief vents, all tailored to the specific needs of the client’s project.

At the heart of this enhancement is the integration of the pressure release vent, transforming the SH-642 test chambers into an ideal environment for battery testing. Battery testing subjects batteries to extreme conditions to gauge their performance and safety. During such tests, batteries can generate gases or experience pressure buildups due to chemical reactions. Without a proper outlet for this excess pressure, safety risks such as rupture or other hazards may escalate. The integration of the pressure relief vent by Unitemp provides a safe testing environment, contributing to reliable outcomes and positioning these customised environmental test chambers as optimal choices for battery testing applications.

The Benchtop test chambers, known for their compact size and versatility, offer a dynamic solution for temperature and humidity testing. ESPEC’s benchtop chambers are designed to fit on a personal desk. They come in two sizes, 22.5L and 64L, catering to a range of test applications with a temperature span of -60 °C to +150 °C.

Unitemp’s modifications have now taken these environmental testing chambers to a whole new level and the project as a whole showcases the effectiveness of cross-border cooperation in meeting unique project requirements.