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Unitemp delivers AR1100 environmental stress chamber

In the world of manufacturing and scientific research, precision and reliability are paramount. To this end, manufacturers, researchers and engineers require tools and equipment capable of subjecting their products to the most demanding testing conditions. Unitemp, the trusted UK distributor of ESPEC environmental test chambers, has earned its reputation for providing high-quality test solutions that meet these exacting standards.

Unitemp recently dispatched yet another cutting-edge ESPEC environmental test chamber, the AR1100, for delivery to a valued client.

The AR1100 Environmental Test Chamber

AR1100 environmental stress chamberThe AR1100 environmental stress chamber is a formidable piece of equipment designed to meet the stringent demands of environmental testing. Whether it’s simulating extreme temperature variations, humidity levels, or other environmental factors, the AR1100 is up to the task. Here are some of its key features which make it stand out in the world of environmental test chambers.

  • Precise Temperature and Humidity Control: The AR1100 is engineered with precision in mind. It offers precise temperature control and uniformity, ensuring that test conditions are consistent and reproducible. This level of control is essential for research and development across various industries, including electronics, automotive, and aerospace.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Unitemp’s AR1100 covers a wide temperature range, from as low as -70°C to as high as +180°C and innovative control functions for demanding faster temperature cycling and damp heat tests. This exceptional range enables researchers to simulate a variety of extreme environmental conditions.
  • Rapid Temperature Cycling: The AR series achieves a temperature change rate of 15K/min. Models with faster temperature cycling with a change rate of 20K/min and 25K/min are also available.
  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive and user-friendly interface allows engineers to easily program and monitor test parameters. This user-centric design enhances efficiency and productivity in the testing process.
  • Reliable Performance: ESPEC has a reputation for hugely reliable test chambers, and the AR1100 is no exception. With robust construction and state-of-the-art components, it’s built to last and perform consistently even under the most challenging conditions.
  • Customisation Options: Different industries and research projects have unique requirements. Customisation options for the AR1100 to tailor it to specific needs, ensure that it meets the exacting standards of every client.

Unitemp’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

What sets Unitemp apart from other suppliers of environmental test chambers is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We don’t just sell equipment; we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. From initial consultation and chamber selection to installation, calibration, and ongoing maintenance, Unitemp is there every step of the way.

If you’re in need of high-quality environmental test chambers that deliver accurate and reproducible results, look no further than Unitemp. Explore the ESPEC range of reach-in environmental test chambers from Unitemp.

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