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Unitemp, leading specialist environmental engineering company, is enjoying a positive performance so far this year, despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Although market conditions remain difficult, the company has succeeded in increasing sales to over £500,000 in the first three months of 2021, an increase of over 100% over the same period last year, pre Covid-19.

Multiple orders for test chambers have been received from the automotive, medical & communications industries, as well as several orders for secondary battery testing, an area in which Unitemp has excelled in recent years.

Ron Brown, CEO of Unitemp commented “Although automotive sales around the world have been badly hit this past year, we are actually seeing sustained demand from our traditional automotive/ electronics client base, with steady repeat business for automotive battery testing as well as broader test for auto components and sub assemblies both in manufacturing and R&D.”

The secondary battery market continues to thrive and is forecast to grow by USD 55.62 billion by 2024.  Jack Brown, Unitemp Sales Director said “The use of lithium-ion batteries is growing as the technology evolves with higher current density, longer power-holding capacity and longer shelf life. The high adoption of battery technology in the automotive industry is driving market growth for us in that area.

Our chambers have a reputation for excellence and reliability in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. That has been reinforced with a number of new orders for test chambers with applications in the medical market and research & development of new diagnostic test devices.”